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About Mexico – Have you ever visited Mexico? or maybe you want to visit Mexico and make Mexico as a tourist destination you? Mexico unitary state situated in the most northern Latin America. Mexico surrounded by the Pacific Ocean stretched to the west and to the south, directly adjacent to the northern part of the United States. mexico

Mexican federation consists of 31 states and one district federation. Federated districts of Mexico City, including the most populous city of the world level. Mexican population reached 103 million people.

In Mexico, an area with a height reaching thousands of meters have an average annual temperature of 24-28 degrees Celsius. The temperature has a pretty big difference in a year, up to 5 degrees Celsius difference between summer and winter.

Mexico has two transverse mountains from north to south. Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierr Madre Occidental cross from north to south in a row. The mountain crossing is an extension of the Rocky Mountains. Countries in crossed by the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt of the east and west through the middle. Mexico also has four mountains that reach from Michoacan to Oaxaca, Sierra Madre de Sur.

Another important fact of Mexico is the diversity of his creatures commonly known as the flora and fauna. Diversity included in the 17 countries of the world. Such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians and flora. Entering ranked second, first, fourth and fourth respectively.

Mexico is a democracy, and representative republican government. Based on the constitutional system of regulation with the Constitution of 1917. The Constitution has three levels of government of the federation, the state administration and the central government. Government consists of three namely Yudikari, the Legislature and the Executive. Mexico has a free market economic system. in the 20th century, economic growth is at its peak to have the highest per capita income throughout Latin America and the 13th largest economy in the world.

Mexico City hosted the 19th Olympics Games in 1968. Never host the FIFA World Cup twice in 1970 and 1986.

Mexico’s national sport is Fighting Bull. All the major cities of Mexico have this sports arena. Bull Arena The world is in La Monumental Mexico City. In addition to being the national sport of Mexico’s favorite sport is football. There are two divisions of the national sports associations. Baseball sports faforit both Mexico.

Mexico has a culinary fame. some famous food of this country are fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas and tacos are also popular.

that is about Mexico, What are you waiting, soon made Mexico as a tourist destination you. Lots of interesting things in Mexico that will be encountered in Mexico. Good luck and have a nice trip.

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