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Romantic place in the world ready to replace Paris – If you like a romantic trip with your partner or your family you will definitely choose Paris for a vacation with them. Paris is known as a romantic city, TPI did and that many beaches in the world with a romantic atmosphere and is able to defeat paris. Here is a romantic place in the world that can beat Paris

La Jolla, California
La Jolla is located in California. The city is gaining prominence as the jewel of San Diego.Di here there is a natural tourism area that has steep cliffs and beaches with golden color which make the atmosphere even more exotic. Especially in the area of the beach there are many seals are adorable and you can see up close. La Jolla also has a shopping tourist area can be visited as a couple. You can try to trigger adrenaline by climbing the road towards Black Beach being one area that is very dangerous in La Jolla for your adrenaline. La Jolla, California

Lombok, Indonesia
Lombok is a city that presents the culture, nature and romance into one. Cities near the island of Gods is very suitable for couples who want to get married and honeymoon. In Lombok there are ancient temples, beautiful beaches and exotic to hidden waterfalls. Then there’s the luxurious spa which can be visited as a couple. The natural beauty and cultural charm at Lombok island , could shift Paris as a romantic city in the world. Moreover Lombok serves exquisite natural beauty of the sea and can be enjoyed as a couple. Lombok, Indonesia

Savannah, Georgia
Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia that serves the charm and hospitality with a dish that is very romantic. Here there is a lot of public space that presents a romantic atmosphere with a classic feel. You can use horse-drawn carriages around town and enjoy the atmosphere of a sensational night. Here you can invite your partner to see the history by visiting various museums. In the evening, spend your evening for a romantic dinner in cafes and restaurants that meet the main streets. Savannah, Georgia

Napa Valley, California
Napa Valley is located in California. Here there is a beautiful vineyard. Especially when the afternoon. The beauty of this vineyard even more beautiful with the sun at dusk. You can enjoy the natural beauty in Napa Valley this with a tour of the Napa Valley Wine Train travel. The visitors will use antique vehicles and using luxury seats with a car and a fine -dining which makes the atmosphere will be more romantic. Guaranteed you will be more enjoyable vacation. Napa Valley, California

So if you would try these places? trying what the atmosphere? Paris is the same as or more romantic than Paris? Thank you for reading this article, may be useful and add to your knowledge of all.

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