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Mammoth Lake – You must know the animals mammoth right? extinct animals long extinct. Animals are like an elephant that zoom is an ancient elephant. mammoth fossil was discovered in Mexico. Mammoth Lake

Mexican archaeologists digging carefully Pleistocene era fossil mammoth, which was found by chance near Mexico City in December 2015, when installing the drain pipe in the village of Tultepec. They are already working at the site since April and expects to finalize its work in the coming days.

Luis Cordoba, archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History, said more than 50 mammoth fossils were found in the area around the capital city, a place that used in prehistoric times there is a shallow salt water lake where ancient animals often get stuck. The lake is also very good for preserving fossils.

Other mammoth elephant fossils found in the area Tultepec, “but this is the first time they can be studied considering that generally ordinary citizens do not report the discovery in a timely manner,” said Cordoba.

Mammoth has a height of 3.5 meters, five meters long, weighing about five tons when alive, and aged 20-25 years.Mammoth Tultepec, which is already three quarters complete and well preserved, still has fangs attached to the skull.

However, other fossil remains are not in accordance with the order of the anatomy, said Cordoba, indicates that the mammoth had been cut by humans for their meat and skins.

Scientists hope to prepare the fossils and flaunt, quoted by AFP.

These animals, which lived between 150,000 and 50,000 years ago, when much of Europe and North America covered glaciers of the ice age.

Now, researchers are trying to find out why these animals are buried together in one location of 4,000 square meters. Researchers suspect the animals come to the site with the aim of getting drinking water in places that used to be the lake. Experts also suspect some of the animals across the surface of a frozen lake and then fell into the water. As a result, these animals preserved in the bottom of the lake.

The fossils were also alleged to have passed through a long period so that it can be used to estimate changes in ecosystems at the time. “Mammoth and mastodon almost never found together in one location because they live in a very different environment. So, here we can see the changes in ecosystems around the lake,” said Johnson. He also mentioned that this area was probably once covered by forest. But then, this area turned into a swamp.

wahh so curious about this ancient animal. Sure looks very amazing, right? therefore we must always keep the animals which are on this earth, do not kill for a personal interest so that generations to come can also see the animals of the animal.

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