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History About Angkor Wat – Do you ever go to bangkok, thailand? attractions anywhere you like, there are places of interest there? in Thailand a lot of attractions were very interesting and full of history, one of which is angkor watangkor wat

Angkor Wat is one of the world’s favorite attractions. At least 1.2 million tourists from around the world annually visit the temple built in the 12th century AD it. Beginning in 1992, the temple was raised in the post-civil war in Cambodia which triggered the Khmer Rouge movement. Tomb Raider films that are set in the temple complex of Angkor increasingly memopulerkannya.

The temple was built on the orders of King Suryavarman II (ruled 1113-1150) of the Khmer dynasty, as an offering to Lord Vishnu (Hindu). The original name of this temple is Varah-VISHNU-LOK.

For most ancient peoples, there is a fairy tale, that the temple was built in one day, by God Indra’s son, Precha Ket Mealea, with a workforce of architects mystical.

Angkor Wat temple was built to be the state as well as the capital of the kingdom. The construction stopped after the death of the king. At that time the kingdom of Angkor ruled by a dynasty of Chams who are enemies of the Khmer dynasty. But finally the new king Jayavarman VII are successful in restoring the state and the construction of a temple forwarded again.

If at first temple was built for Hindu religious ceremonies, the 13th century temple was being used for activities Theravada Buddhists.

Architecturally, the shape of miniature Angkor Wat symbolizes the universe. At its center, on Mount Meru, which is regarded as a sacred center of the universe. The outside walls symbolize the mountains on the edge of the mainland. While the lake or moat surrounding the temple, a symbol of the oceans. Although in the 16th century, this temple was neglected and abandoned, but because of the lake that surrounds the temple, trees and forests do not damage the building. That said, the construction of the temple of Angkor Wat take as long as 30 years.

Archaeologists have discovered that the stone used to build the temple from mines located at the base of a mountain that is located adjacent to the site. However, they are still wondering how the rock to reach the location of the site.

High central tower is 213m. standing in the middle of the three levels of squares / rectangles. Further inside, the higher the floor level. Starting the 19th century, the temple was restored. The beauty of this temple has raised the Khmer national honor in the history of the world.

So what are you waiting for? you’re curious, right? the visit was to angkor wat in bangkok, thailand this. You will not be in vain to visit this historic place, than you will be amazed by the grandeur of this building, you will also gain useful knowledge and get to know the history deeper. so please visit one of the world heritage site.

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