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Uniqueness Sagrada Familia – If you go to Italy, then there will be a lot of uniqueness possessed by Barcelona. building with vintage architecture will you meet there. then do you know about the building named Sagrada Familia? Uniqueness Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia basilica that stands in the city of Barcelona, Spain is the cathedral which is important for Catholics. National Geographic reported, this church was built with elaborate architecture, using the principle of the golden ratio.

Kaaba, the most important building for Muslims around the world are also built with this ratio. In the art of architecture, structure created by the principle of the golden ratio has a proportion which is ideal in terms of aesthetics. That’s why the golden ratio is also often called the divine proportion or divine proportion.

Construction of Sagrada Familia Church can not be separated from the figure of Antoni Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi was an architect from Spain who spent more than 40 years to design the Sagrada Familia church.

Antoni Gaudi’s work is known to have style and strong character are not uncommon, and illustrate a strong interest in architecture, nature, and religion. Gaudi combine its expertise in engineering manufacture of ceramics, stained glass, forging iron and carved wood that he used in the works – his masterpieces.

In addition to the Sagrada Familia, many other works produced by Gaudi some of them is Park Guell, the Casa Calvet, the Casa Batlló and the Casa Milà. Until now, Antoni Gaudi became an influential figure in architecture Duni. Works – his work widely studied and gained wide recognition in the international world.

Antoni Gaudi took over the design and construction of the Sagrada Familia church in 1883, to Gaudi died in 1926 the church building was still unfinished. Church construction continued until stopped when the Spanish civil war took place in 1936. After that the church construction continued, but has been slow because of the cost of construction of this church comes from public donations.

Until now the construction of the Church still continues to keep using public donations as a source of cost. Church entrance tickets sold are also used as a donation for the construction of the church.

Currently two of the three projects, namely the Nativity Facade and Passion Facade has been completed, while the Glory Facade work in progress. Eight towers have been completed and there are still 10 more towers to be completed. If it goes according to plan the construction of the Sagrada Familia church will be completed in 2026.

The uniqueness of the architecture of which is owned by the Sagrada Familia has even been noted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the basilica itself has a long history for the citizens of Barcelona.

So if you want to visit the Sagrada Familia Barcelona in particular? Your visit will not lose, because you will be fascinated by the grandeur of the architecture of this building Sagrada Familia.

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