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Things that must be done in  Legoland – Holidays for children is the most awaited time. If the holiday comes, children will definitely want a vacation and want to go somewhere. If you as parents are confused would like to invite you around, take it to the legoland malaysia, there is a place that is suitable for children filled holiday. Can learn while playing. Anything that can be done at legoland? Here are the things that must be done in legoland Driving School at Lego City

Driving School at Lego City
After 30 minutes of waiting, finally kiddos into the Driving Class, where he was watching a video about the manner of good driving. Me and sister waiting outside. Kiddos # 2 for his brother in line, clays fun toy Lego Shop which is located next to the Driving School. And we were prepared to watch on the fence when he saw the kiddos and his new friends climbed on the car.
And they began to surround the area of the Driving School a fairly spacious. Kiddos # 1 excited driving and can successfully follow all traffic signs. In the afternoon, he was asked to play again, but was eventually canceled after a cape to play at Legoland Waterpark.

Lost Kingdom
This vehicle is located in Land of Adventure. not half-hearted, we play Lost Kingdom three times in a row! “It’s rich that time we play at Hong Kong Disneyland!” she exclaimed in delight when we just entered the Lost Kingdom. What he means is Astro Blaster, Games at Hong Kong Disneyland is a favorite kiddos. Kiddos # 2 only play once, then wait outside.
We climbed into the vehicle around in the Lost Kingdom, and firing at yellow lights. Score result we shoot visible on the dashboard of a vehicle which we had climbed. Really exciting and it is addictive! Lost Kingdom

The Tower
At Imagination, kiddos favorite game one of which is The Tower, where we can go up to a tower and enjoy the view from the top of Legoland. not only kiddos # 1, Bapap snap was busy and there because the opportunity to see 360-degree views of Legoland. The Tower

Boating School
Other rides in Lego City where kids can learn to drive their own vehicle is in Boating School. Me and two kiddos can ride all three into a boat. “Sister! Not to be wearing an umbrella!” shouted the officer when I opened an umbrella on a boat. Oeps, forgive. I missed reading the instructions. Yes alreadBoating School

Build and Test
How could we miss the Build and Test on the first visit, and the new entrance of this building on the second visit? Though the place is cool and educative for children. We can try to make the tower, and press one button to make sure we are earthquake resistant tower.
In addition we can also make a Lego car and try to racing with cars made by other visitors. It should be noted that, to make this car, we had to hunt alias tire wheel! Angelina, tire rare in this area, we only get two tires, two tires and was given another by visitors from China that are sympathetic to us. Build and Test

How? intriguing, right? This place would be very suitable for your children because besides entertaining can also educate children. learn while playing it better, right? so what are you waiting, soon enter Legoland holiday list you and your family.

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