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World’s deadliest lake – Vacationing is the most enjoyable time to spend with family. went to several tourist attractions such as beaches, playgrounds, amusement parks, or lakes. But not all the wonderful place it is safe to visit. eg lakes, not all lakes safe to visit. Here is someone that the world’s deadliest lake Lake Karachay

Lake Karachay
The lake is located in the Ural Mountains, Russia. The color is beautiful, dark blue. But be careful. Since 1951, the lake in use as a place of disposal of radioactive waste by the Russian government. Radioactive dust in this place is at deadly levels.

Lake Kivu
This lake has an amazing view. It lies on the border of the Republic of Congo with Rwanda. However, do not even try to swim in this lake. Lake Kivu has a carbon dioxide levels were very high. Not only that, 55 billion cubic meters of methane gas was lining the lake. The content makes the lake is a lake that is deadly. Lake Kivu

Horseshoe Lake
Do not be fooled by the apparently. The lake surface it looks beautiful, quiet, with clear water. But make no mistake. The lake is located near the town of Mammoth Lakes is a silent killer. The lake is located at the top of an active volcano with a volume of carbon dioxide levels were very high. Therefore, there is no live animals that survive in this lake. Horseshoe Lake

lake monoun
The lake is located in Cameroon do look beautiful. But appearances are very deceiving. Of the many deaths that occurred, the death rate due to high carbon dioxide gas from this lake. lake monoun

Mono Lake
Looks beautiful, is not it? The lake’s surface like glass, towering coral, making the lake is like being in another world. But not entirely wrong. Mono lake located in the Country, California can indeed take you to another world. The lake is filled with toxic alkali, carbonate, chloride, and sulfate was killed. It took decades to resolve this lake. Mono Lake

So how? if you want to visit lakes such harmful? If yes, then you should be careful and always be wary. Go with family or that special person. thanks for reading this article hopefully useful and can add insight and knowledge of all.

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