Review kingdom of the Reign Oldest Throughout History

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kingdom of the Reign Oldest Throughout History – If you hear the royal sure that you imagine is a magnificent and beautiful place, right? Have you ever mengunjngi an empire? or maybe you know one of the kingdom and its history. Here is the kingdom of the Reign Oldest Throughout History Ottoman empire

Ottoman empire
The strength of the Ottoman Empire covers 3 continents with cultures, religions, and languages ​​different. This kingdom lasted for 623 years, from 1299 until 1922. The Ottoman Empire started from a small region of Turkey after the weakness of the Byzantine Empire. This royal master of Constantinople in 1453 and expand to Europe and North Africa. Civil War in the early 1900s that followed World War I marked the collapse of this empire. Inflation, unemployment, and the competition is a key factor in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Khmer kingdom
Khmer kingdom, with its capital at Angkor (now Angkor Wat) is one of the largest religious monument in the world. Khmer kingdom was founded in 802 when Jayavarman II declared himself king of Cambodia territory. In 1432 this kingdom was split. Many theories that explain the cause of the collapse of this empire. Some of which is loss of labor, degeneration of the water management system, and most importantly, a weak harvest. Others say the Sukhothai Kingdom occupied Angkor in the 1400s. Khmer kingdom

Ethiopian kingdom
This kingdom was established in the year 1270 when the dynasty Solomonid dropped Zagwe Dynasty and declared King Solomon as king for the people of Habesha. From there, it became the royal dynasty that controls Ethiopia. Approaching 1895, Italy declared war on the Kingdom of Ethiopia. In 1935, Benito Mussolini led Italy to attack Ethiopian troops for 7 months and finally Italy announced his victory. Year 1936-1941, Italy dominate the region. Ethiopian kingdom

Republic of Venice
Venice is famous for the royal navy which has controlled the region from Europe to the Mediterranean with important cities such as Cyprus and Crete in it. Venice ruled 1,100 years, from 697 until 1797. This kingdom stood as the Western Roman Empire fell into the hands of Italy. This kingdom fall when the Piedmont town fell into the hands of France under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon give ultimatum, Doge Ludovico Manin surrendered in 1797 and Venice was under the rule of Napoleon. Republic of Venice

Kingdom of Kush
Kingdom of Kush survived from 1070 BC to AD 350, now known as the Republic of Sudan. This kingdom is very dependent on wood as a major export because it is difficult to trade iron and gold. Allegedly this empire collapsed in the attacks of desert tribes, but scientists believe the collapse due to deforestation is done so that their timber supply is running low. So to say the Kingdom of Kush undermining itself by removing timber for industry without any mitigation. Kingdom of Kush

Eastern Roman Empire
Roman Empire not only the work of the most famous in the history of the kingdom but also the longest. This kingdom survived in different eras, but precisely from 27 BC until 1453 to last for 1480 years old. This kingdom controlled the region Mediterranean to Italy. Western Roman Empire broke out in the year 476 when Romulus Augustus rid Germany of the seat of empire, but the Eastern Roman Empire survive Eastern Roman Empire

So if you want to visit the kingdom? kingdom that is so magnificent and certainly has a lot of historical value. If you visit the royal kingdom then you will get the experience and useful knowledge. thanks for reading this article, hopefully useful.

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