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famous lake in the US-Canada Border – Vacation after a long activity is always activities undertaken by those people who work all day. they take advantage of the time off to relax and refresh their minds. Enjoy the cool air on the edge of the lake past would be nice. Views of the lake or along the lake. Here is a famous lake in the US-Canada Border Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario is one of the 5 Great Lakes in North America’s most poor and most cramped.
This lake has the second smallest water volume and the smallest area (area of ​​7,500 square miles or 19,500 square kilometers), and a length of 311 km and width of 85 km.
The main port is Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. The lake is the only Great Lake that does not freeze during the winter.

Lake Erie
Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes in North America. Is the 4th largest lake (by surface area) among all five great lakes. Such as Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario, Lake Erie is part of the border between the United States and Canada.
The lake is named after the Erie tribe of Native Americans who lived along the southern coast.
Most of the water that flows into Lake Erie flows through a large river, the Detroit River, which flows to the bottom of Lake Huron before Detroit, Michigan. Additional water flowing into Lake Erie from other rivers, including the Maumee and the Cuyahoga River. At the river mouth there Toledo Maumee, Ohio. At the river mouth there Cuyahoga Cleveland, Ohio.
The water that flows out of Lake Erie flow before Buffalo, New York, and into the Niagara River. While walking to Lake Ontario, the Niagara River with waterfall Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in North America, and then to the lowest lake of the five Great Lakes, Lake Ontario. lake erie

Lake Superior
Lake Superior is the largest lake of all five Great Lakes in the US-Canadian border. Is the largest freshwater lake in the world in surface area. Lake Superior has a surface area of ​​82,000 km² (32,000 square miles). The maximum length of 350 miles (563 km) and a maximum width of 160 miles (257 km). The average depth is 489 feet (149 m) with a maximum depth of 1,333 feet (406 m). Lake Superior contains 2,935 cubic miles (12,232 cubic kilometers) of water. Line the banks of this lake is 2,730 miles (4,393 km) (including islands)
He limits Ontario in Canada, and Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in the United States. And is an important shipping route for iron ore and is part of the Great Lakes Water Street. Lake Superior

Lake Michigan
This lake has a water volume of the second largest and third largest area (an area of ​​22,400 square miles, or 58,000 km²); and the only one throughout the lake area entered the territory of the United States. After Lake Victoria in Africa, the Lake Michigan ranks fourth in the world.
Lake Michigan explored in 1634 by Jean Nicolet, has a length of 494 km, a width of 190 km and a depth of 870 feet (265 m), at its deepest point. The main port is Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Gary, Indiana and South Bend, Indiana. Lake Michigan

Lake Huron
Lake Huron has the third largest water volume and the second largest area (an area of ​​23,000 square miles, or 59 600 km²). After Lake Victoria in Africa, the Lake Huron is the third largest in the world.
Visited by Etienne Brule and Samuel de Champlain around 1610, then Lake Huron is probably the first Great Lakes has been seen by explorers from Europe. This lake has a length of 515 km, 190 km wide, and at its deepest point reaches a depth of 750 feet (230 m). The main harbor on the lake this is London, Ontario and Bay City, Michigan. Lake Huron

Do you want to take a vacation to one of the lake? I hope this article can help you and add information about travel destinations. thanks for reading this article.

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