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The beach with the world’s weirdest colors – The beach is the most attractive recreational areas. Because the beach go round outdoor venue so it is suitable for those who want a vacation with a fresh outdoor atmosphere. Here is the beach with the color of the world’s weirdest beach pink

beach pink
Indonesia also has beautiful beaches colored strange. On the west coast of Lombok there is pink beach. The tourists call this Pink Beach, while residents call it Red Beach Flores.
detikTravel never visited this beach during a visit to the island of Komodo some time ago. The cause of the pink color is allegedly suspected the same with pink beaches in various parts of the world. The pink color of the composition of coral, shells are broken, and the calcium carbonate of invertebrates in the oceans.

purple beach
Beach Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California, USA, is well known in the eyes of tourists because of his nickname, Purple beach. Sand beaches are purple. Strange, but this makes it pretty Pfeiffer Beach.
How could this beach purple? Apparently described in The Sydney Morning Herald, there are minerals such as manganese mixed up with sand. Manganese is purple colored and thus make this beach. Pfeiffer Beach

green beach
If you usually see the beach with white sand or black, Papakolea Beach in Ka’u, Hawaii, USA, has a green-colored sand. The green color is gorgeous on this beach was derived from the rubble of gray volcanic sand, called Olivine crystals.
Among the natives, Olivine known as the ‘diamond Hawaii’. Although the sand in Papakolea Beach is not purely derived from crystalline flake Olivine, but the beauty of this beach can make it a ‘diamond Hawaii’. Papakolea Beach

Colorful beach
Purple, pink, white, and green already, now what about the colorful sandy beach. there is Glass Beach, Fort Bragg City, California, USA. When it comes to this beach, which lay just a pretty rock glass with different colors, red, green, blue etc.
For decades, dumped broken glass from bottles, glass, dishes and other household appliance smoothed by the waves. The result is a rocky beach in the form of colored glass. Glass Beach

So if you want to visit one of the beaches? try visiting the beaches of the coast. Your holiday will be very pleasant if you vacation with your family. Thank you for reading this article.

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