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interesting things to do in ocean city – Ocean city, maryland is a very beautiful place and a must-visit. Especially if you love the beach and also activities which can be done on the beach. a lot of things you can do on the coast in particular if you are on vacation to the ocean. Here’s what interesting things to do in ocean city Ride the Carousel at Trimpers

Ride the Carousel at Trimpers
Once powered by a steam-engine, the brilliantly painted carousel at Trimper’s Rides and Amusements has been delighting families for over 100 years. Lions, giraffes, ostriches and even seahorses are just a few of the 45 magical creatures in the hand-carved menagerie of this old-world wonder.

Enjoy a Fishing Adventure
Drop a line off the Ocean City Pier or the Route 50 Bridge, surf fish from the shore, take the family on a head boat trip or board a charter and head for the canyons, the which are home to tuna, mahi-mahi or huge billfish Enjoy a Fishing Adventure

Take in the Sunrise on the Beach
A cool breeze holding off the summer heat; the morning calls of the gulls mingling with the roar of the surf; dolphins riding the waves, and that first blaze orange on the horizon-each day gets only one sunrise, and there is no better place to see it than from the beach in Ocean City. Take in the Sunrise on the Beach

Meander the World-Famous Ocean City Boardwalk
Since 1902, Ocean City’s three-mile Boardwalk has been a top destination seafront where millions have made lasting memories of summer, sun and family fun. Rent a bike to cruise the boards all morning then stay all day and explore. Grab a cup of legendary Thrasher’s Fries (with extra vinegar!), Wander the corridors of Ocean Gallery, and do not forget to beat your best score Skee-Ball at one of the arcades. Meander the World-Famous Ocean City Boardwalk

Go Fly a Kite
With your feet in the sand and your kite riding the wind, nothing sets off a day on the beach like flying a kite. Laze the day away under a giant diamond kite trailing streamers and spinners, or tear through the sky with a blazing fast stunt-kite riding the Atlantic winds. Go Fly a Kite

Savor a Romantic Dinner
Sit down for white tablecloths and classic Italian cuisine or watch the sunset over the bay while dining on fish fresh from the Atlantic. Try traditional Maryland delicacies, or hand-rolled sushi from a raw bar overlooking the ocean. Ocean City Provides the perfect tableau for your intimate evening. Savor a Romantic Dinner

Catch the Sunset On The Bay
With sprays of gold and red shot through an azure sky slowly Darkening to purple, Ocean City sunsets over the bay offer an unparalleled riot of color, and a perfect excuse to put the world on pause. There is no finer way to end a day or start an evening of Ocean City Adventures. Catch the Sunset On The Bay

Are you interested in visiting ocean city? good holiday to ocean city and do the things above. must be very fun, especially if you are on vacation in ocean city with someone special or with your family.

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