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eshima ohashi bridge – possible for you over the bridge is a thing you’ve ever done. but have you ever pass through the bridge as steep as the bridge in Japan is Eshima Ohashi Bridgeeshima ohashi bridge

This bridge is very high so it has a very steep derivative found in Japan and claimed local residents as the most horrific bridge in the world. From a distance it looks so towering bridge, very tingggi, and has a very steep derivatives. Eshima Ohashi Bridge is a bridge that connects the city of Matsue and Sakaimoto. He crossed the lake Nakaumi in the eastern region of Japan. Concrete bridge with a length of 1.7 km was purposely built so high that ships can pass across the lake.

Although a “terrible”, turned out to be a bridge in Japan is not the highest. Bridges in Japan only ranks third in the bottom of the bridge Millau Viaduct, France, which is at its highest point reaches 270 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.

This bridge was still less high than Sidhue River bridge in Hubei Province, China, which is “hanging” at an altitude of 460 meters above sea level. This bridge connects the cities of Shanghai and Chendo.

Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan can be said crossings are unique when viewed. In general people will see it as a bridge to the shape and curvature reasonable. However, if viewed on a side, this bridge seems like a very steep angle of inclination has reached almost 45 degrees.

When the bridge viewed from the side of the road running, the view will show an elevated road that seems scary to ditanjaki vehicle. Because of this effect Daihatsu Motor Co. to create an ad for a minivan vehicle Tanto by using camera trickery. Roads in Eshima Ohashi bridge made as heavily slanted to show that the very strong minivan hit the heavy terrain.

But the fact is, the slope of the bridge is only about 6.1 percent of the side of Shimane Prefecture and 5.1% in the Tottori Prefecture. All vehicles that can cope with the existing slope. Very steep impression may arise by exploiting the effects of camera. Because of the slope of the news about the sometimes exaggerated media, there is an assumption runs in Eshima Ohashi bridge melewat tub roller coaster track.

For those who have a high adrenaline pegendara, pass through this bridge is not a problem. So even moved at riders who have an adventurous spirit who typically want extreme sensations. Then the bridge is also worth a try.

so, if you would try to pass this bridge? If you are curious, you can come to Japan and try to pass this bridge.

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