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Castles in Loire Valley – if you visit paris, you must visit the loire valley. loire valley is famous for a beautiful castle-style castle fairyland. loire beauty of this valley will make us feel in a fairy tale. is perfect if on holiday with your children or perhaps your partner, because the place is so romantic. You can also take pictures to capture the moment better photos with your family or partner.

Although the February air was still cold, all of it paid off when staring at the vast snow fields complete with a river flowing between the vineyards, and 300 castles that lie in between. Remarkably, here you are allowed to visit the 60th castles. But there are four of the finest castles, namely Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceau Castle
For those who travel often watch the show, certainly familiar with the Castle of Chenonceau is partly built on the Cher River, near the small village of Chenonceaux, Indre-et-Loire. The castle was built by the Marques family, but later became a favorite residence of the widow of King Henry II, Catherine de ‘Medici. Queen Catherine is very happy to have a party and a lavish banquet in the castle.

Chambord castle
Chambord Castle is one of the largest castles in France. Built by Francis I, the castle is surrounded by hundreds of hectares of forest hunting grounds of the King. This castle original design created by Domenico da Cortona and Leonardo da Vinci.
Leonardo da Vinci designed the stairs were very modern, but the castle was built in 1511-1547. Told that Leonardo da Vinci was asked to stay in Chambord to accompany the King, because the King assumes Leonardo as his father. Chambord castle

Castle D’Usse
D’Usse castle was the inspiration of the famous French storyteller Charles Perrault, to create the Sleeping Beauty. Inside the castle there is a life-sized diorama-dioramas demonstrate the Aurora story, 3 protective fairies, Maleficent, and spinneret were condemned. Blacas family is the owner of the castle which still occupies the Chateau d’Usse until today. Castle D'Usse

Castle of Blois
If the Chambord castle is a giant, landless Blois Castle is located in the center of town Loir-et-Cher. This castle has a very high historical value, since this is where Jeanne d’Arc (or Joan of Arc) blessed by the Bishop of Reims before departing bring troops expel British troops from the region Orleans.
This beautiful castle has 564 rooms, 75 stairs and 100 bedrooms. Its location is situated on a cliff top town provides an amazing sight. Blois is classified as the Museum of France, with 35,000 art collection.
Here, Little also can watch the Sound and Light show at dusk. This performance shows the love story, drama, mystery, and history of the Castle of Blois. Castle of Blois

very beautiful, right? then what are you waiting? you must visit it. or for those of you who are still confused to find a tourist, you can come to the loire valley and see the castle view of the castle that was there, having fun, take pictures, and enjoy the beauty of the loire valley along with the one you love. I hope the above recommendations can assist you in determining the sites and add your information in particular about the loire valley. thanks.

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