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facts and uniqueness about hanoi – Vacation is the most interesting and fun for all. Perhaps those of you who like traveling or you are often called the traveler must have a list of sites to be visited is not it? have you ever been to vietnam? especially to the city of hanoi. Hanoi is the capital of the largest in vietnam. Or maybe you already have plans to go to the country of Vietnam. nah, prior leaving for Vietnam, especially to the city of hanoi, how good you know the facts about hanoi. The following are facts and uniqueness about hanoi hanoi

Attractions in Hanoi
Hanoi has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. There are Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Museum of Ethnography, and Temple of Literature. Ho Chi Minh mauseleum located in Duong Hung Vuong Road, is preserved and kept jazad Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam hero and former president. His body was kept in a glass coffin. There is also a modest house, residence of the president during his lifetime.
While the Museum of Ethnography located in Van Huyen Street, is a museum of modern Vietnamese culture. Museum, which opened in 1997, has a diverse collection of native tribes Vietnam totaling about 54 tribes. While the Temple of Literature, located in between Nguyen Thai Hoc and Quoc Tu Giam Street. There is also a temple was built in 1070, was once a center of learning in Hanoi and dedicated to Confucius. Last is Tran Quoc Pagoda building which was built in the 6th century AD, it is the oldest pagoda in Hanoi.

Unique Transportation, Cyclo
Travelers who want to stroll around the city of Hanoi without having tired of walking, can use the unique transportation typical Vietnam called cyclo. Vehicles like rickshaws are also known as three-wheeled taxi. Cyclo first appeared during the French colonial period. Besides the tourists, locals also use this vehicle because it can accelerate the journey to the destination.
Although often causing congestion and in some major cities have banned, but cyclo remains a popular tourist attraction. Using chairs enough for one person, with two wheels in front and the driver sitting behind, cyclo still in power along the streets of Hanoi. To ride a cyclo, the tourists must be careful in determining the amount of the tariff. Usually cyclo driver always were thinking that all foreigners wealthy and able to pay the high price. Therefore they put an expensive tariff. Cyclo

Inverted Pyramid Museum
There is a new museum in Hanoi with a building design that is ambitious and unique, which form an Inverted Pyramid. The museum opened in 2010 as a celebration of the birthday of Hanoi is to 1000 years. Shape of the building is visually striking but very functional is inspired by some of the modern creations in Beijing and Shanghai. The building was designed by German architectural company, Gerkan, Marg and Partner (gmp). This museum focuses on the history of Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole.
For now, the collections of the new museum is still limited and not comparable to travel for an hour to be taken from the center of Hanoi. Museum collections are mostly not been identified and it is unclear origins. The Vietnamese government has invested heavily to improve the quality of museum curatorial and strive to improve the collection and information. With an area of ​​approximately 30 thousand m2, this museum looks like a float with a garden that taste under the building.Inverted Pyramid Museum

Old Quarter
If you travel to a place, buy souvenirs would have become a necessity. In Hanoi, there is a souvenir center visited by many tourists who visit the city. A place called Old Quarter is selling various goods. Located in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake, the place is also known as ’36 street ‘is similar to the way a rat with an area of ​​almost 100 hectares. First established in the early 11th century, as the name suggests, there are 36 roads every street peddling is only one particular merchandise.
Especially for items made of silver or jewelry can be found in the Hang Bac. As for women’s accessories, located in Cau Go. In addition there is also a way to hang dau sells shoes and sandals, selling silk hang gai place. For fruits can be found in To Tich Street, candies and dried apricots are in Hang Duong. For fans of the urn can find on the street Hang Chinh, while for those who prefer products made from bamboo can be found on the street hangs Buom, and so forth.Old Quarter

if you are interested to visit it? vacation would be very interesting if the place was a lot of unique things that can be enjoyed. make vietnam country as a tourist destination you. good luck.

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