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story of winchester mystery house – if you want to spend vacation time with a different atmosphere and impressive? winchester mystery house could become a tourist destination you this time. This mystery full house is perfect for those of you who like a mystery story. winchester mystery house

The house that stands in San Jose, California, saved so many mysteries in it. Even the house is said to be one haunted buildings in the United States despite having built outstanding beauty lovely size for a place to stay.

Overview of the visible outside the house which is located in San Jose, USA is actually a building that is luxurious. Even if the house is clearly visible describe the identity of the owner is Sarah L. Winchester. In profiled, Winchester family at that time was one of the prominent families in America. Sarah’s husband Wirt Winchester is one of the renowned businessman, he is known as a leading weapons designers in America. But according to the story, after Wirt died mysteriously home memiliku very large size with a large region instantly transformed into haunted. Even her own since her husband died instantly had felt horror.
Keep getting strange happenings, told Sarah had asked for spiritual help of an expert. The Paranormal suggested that Sarah built his house without stopping so he could stay alive, but if he stopped building he would prostrate. Since 1881 until 1922 Sarah continued to build this house without stopping the outcome after he died in the know this house has 160 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 47 fireplaces, 6 kitchens and many other spaces that are still a mystery.

To observe the inside of the 19th century building that visitors can follow the Mansion Tours. You will be invited to explore and find 160 rooms and strange phenomena contained therein. The house which has seven fireplaces and chimneys seventeen has a winding hallway like a maze. This allegedly deliberately made so that the demons got lost and could not find the owner of the house. There is also a staircase leading up to the ceiling, a chimney which stopped near the roof and doors of unknown direction. Additionally repetition number 13 also creates its own mystique. Patterned glass cobwebs made from 13 colored stones. Channel sink has 13 holes. Clothes hook on the wall is always a multiple of 13. The lights were originally imported expensive accommodate 12 candles made in order to hold a candle to the 13th. In the courtyard there is also a topiary that form the number 13. The business added a repetition number 13 with the device clock that chimes 13 times each by 13:00 on Friday.

The tour continues to the garden area of ​​160 hectares surrounding the house. In the garden there are plum, apricot, and walnut. Then the participants were invited to enter the seed drying room, garage, greenhouse, as well as the unfinished ballroom. You are also invited to the basement to see the coal furnace and a hydraulic freight elevator that is still original. Visitors can also visit the museum Historic Winchester Firearms. In it are stored various forms rifle. A history of the development of the Winchester rifle company also can be known from the history room.

Horror story most condensed in this house is the story of the ghost avenger. It is said that the ghosts that inhabit this house are the souls of the victims of the murder weapon in her husband made that condemns Wirt family life. Whether true or not, but according to the recognition of some visitors this house is very horror. Besides having plenty of space labyrinths of the mysterious and very confusing, they also experienced a terrible phenomenon. Starting from the voices of unseen until a bunch of ghost sightings were as vengeful.

So how? if you want to visit him? for those of you who like horror and mystery never hurts to try to visit this place. You will be guided by a tour guide to get around this house. have a good holiday and please try.

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