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Koh Tachai officially closed – Do you like the beach? if yes then you need to try to visit the island koh Tachai. The island is located in Thailand. beaches with turquoise waters and white sand make this island is very beautiful dpandang glance. especially if you dive into its sea, you’ll find coral reefs so beautiful.

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Do you want to visit in the near future? it seems you have to change your destination, because the beautiful and exotic island has been officially closed by the government. The Thai government closed the tourist island of Koh Tachai very popular for an indefinite period began October 15. The closing is done to prevent degradation or damage to the environment.

Director general of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation of Thailand, Tunya Netithammakul, quoted by The Bangkok Post said that tourists visiting Koh Tachai has been beyond the limits of the island itself.

According Tunya Netithammakul, thanks to the beauty of Koh Tachai has become a popular tourist attraction for Thai and foreign tourists. This resulted in the degradation of natural resources and the environment. During the closure will allow the environmental rehabilitation of the island before any further damage can not be repaired. The rehabilitation process includes natural and artificial attempts.

According to experts, the island can accommodate up to 70 people. But in reality, more than 1,000 people came to the island, plus the food stalls and boat tours. Travellers asked to be alert to travel agents still sell travel packages to the island in October. Today there are 14 companies found still selling packages to Koh Tachai.

Then, how? do not be sad guys, although koh Tachai island was closed, but you can still visit the beach other beaches in Thailand, because Thailand still has an attractive island destinations to visit.

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