Review Raja Ampat Islands in Papua “Heaven Remaining”

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Raja Ampat Islands in Papua “Heaven Remaining” – Raja Ampat islands, the island who does not know this one? island famous for its underwater beauty. a paradise for divers. attractions this one is already very popular, not only among local tourists, but has very global and among foreign tourists. Do not miss the opportunity for you visit the island this one.raja ampat

One form of popularity attractions Raja Ampat is with the documentary made by Avant Premiere entitled “Edis Paradise 3”, in which the film tells the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in the area of ​​Papua, which this tour is also dubbed as a World Oceans Amazon region. The nickname was given because of the location of these sites is in the center of world coral triangle. The islands are now a destination for divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery.

The name comes from the Raja Ampat local stories. According to the story, there was a woman who found seven pieces of eggs. The eggs then hatch, 4 of which hatches into a prince, while three other eggs hatch into a woman, a stone, and ghosts. 4 The prince later became kings in their respective islands, namely Misool Island, Waigeo Island, Batanta Island and Salawati Island and finally called as Raja Ampat.

Waigeo Island
Waigeo Island is the largest of the four main islands Raja Ampat Islands in Papua. Waigeo also known as Waigiu, located in West Papua province near the city of Sorong. The three largest islands in the group are Salawati, and Misool Batanta. Wasai there Waigeo island city, the district capital RAJA AMPAT, located in the western part of the island. Waigeo island is also a haven for diving, a lot rock islands, beautiful bays the walled towering cliffs. Island Waigeo

Misool Island 
Misool Island is, a secluded tropical hideaway, one of the four largest islands in the archipelago RAJA AMPAT, which is a destination for the sport of diving is famous around the world will be underwater beauty. Located off the west coast of the main island of Papua, directly bordering the Seram Sea. Misool Island

Salawati Island
Salawati Island is one of the four main islands in the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. Nearly three-quarters of the island of Salawati is sago dense forest. Salawati island’s beauty is indeed related to the diversity of the plants and the animals. His condition is still very quiet, calm and almost virgin, many people hunt this place. Not only that, Salawati also be of interest to researchers from various countries for its researching natural wealth. Salawati Island

Batanta Island 
Batanta Island is a tourist destination frequented by tourists. The island has several villages, Waiweser and Marandanweser. Residents in this village have grown accustomed to the arrival of the tourists. In each village there is a lodging facility that can be rented. The island has an area of ​​approximately 453 km2 with state beautiful and natural surroundings. Here you can still see birds of paradise that live wild in the woods – woods. The white sand beaches and smooth also played a role in adding to the natural beauty of this island. batanta island

So what are you waiting for? Raja Ampat as a destination make you traveled. especially for those of you who love the diving, you will find underwater paradise and you will be made comfortable by its beauty. I suggest those of you who want to go to Raja Ampat, go in october and november. because in this month the state of its water calm and the weather was very supportive.

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