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Attractions nearby Dorney Park – Tired of the attractions are just that’s it? if you want to holiday abroad and try to go the United States try to Dorney Park. Dorney Park is not only just, but you can try other attractions around Dorney Park. I recommend the following attractions near Dorney Parkdorney park

Haines Mill Museum
Also known as Haines Mill Museum, is a historic grist mill located at South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It was built about 1840, and is a four-story, stone building with a slate roof covered Gambrel. It is three bays by three bay, 42 feet by 46 feet, 9 inches. The interior was rebuilt after a disastrous fire in 1908. A three-story brick addition was built in 1930, with a lean-to roof. Atop the main roof is a cupola. It Remained in full operation until 1957. Today, Haines Mill is operated as a partnership between the County of Lehigh, the which owns and maintains the site, and the Lehigh County Historical Society, roomates Provides public tours.

Coca cola park
Coca-Cola Park is an 8.278-seat baseball park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. It is the home field for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A level minor league baseball affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.
Coca-Cola Park accommodates 10.178 fans, Including auxiliary areas (Capital BlueCross Lawn, Dugout Suites and Red Robin Tiki Terrace), and cost $ 50.25 million to build. Naming rights to the stadium were awarded to Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of the Lehigh Valley on March 7, 2007.

coca cola park

coca cola park

Josh Early Candies
Early Josh is fantastic chocolate, no, it is not a cheap box of crap you get from Walmart for someone as a “Valentine’s Day gift”.
It is expensive, however, very tasty. The usually have a few selections out for tasting Including a nonpareils orb thing near the registers. Check on the tops of the glass cases for other flavors to taste.

America on Wheels Museum
The American automobile has been the symbol of our nation’s drive to thrive since the early 1900s. Shift into reverse and look back at the early days of transportation. Our mission is to educate, entertain and showcase unique exhibits and preserve the historical, social and cultural impact of our nation’s transportation systems, while contributing to the revitalization of its community. America On Wheels Believes that learning within a museum is self-motivated, self-directed and is lifelong. More than just a car collection, the museum features cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles as it Tells two very important regional stories – the history of Mack Trucks and the early development of the automobile industry and highway system in Pennsylvania. The museum offers hands-on exhibits,

Moravian Book Shop
Moravian Book Shop is an independent bookstore based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1745 by the Moravian Church and lays claim to being the oldest continuously operating bookstore in the world.The Bertrand Bookstore in Lisbon, Portugal Also lays claim to that title, having been open since In addition to books, Moravian Book Shop Also operates a deli, a gift shop, and gourmet food shop. Moravian Book Shop

Da Vinci Science Center
The Da Vinci Science Center (DSC) is a science museum and a nonprofit organization in Allentown, Pennsylvania that has been a leader in “bringing science to life and lives to science”, as its mission states, since 1992. Its slogan is Open for ExSCIting Possibilities. The Center excels in connecting people of all ages to the wonders of science in their lives, Reviews their creative curiosities, and tomorrow’s innovative careers. Its engaging and highly-interactive experiences include a two-story exhibit floor; nearly three-dozen programs for visitors of all ages, students, educators, and community groups; and regional workforce initiatives that integrate a limited-engagement with programs highlighting exhibits workforce development opportunities.

that some attractions near Dorney Park that I recommend. in addition to vacation to Dorney Park you can also travel on vacation to a place where others certainly are not far from Dorney Park. I hope these recommendations can help you determine the attractions to be visited.

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