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The best zoo in the world – traveled while gaining insight? Why not? Now you can travel, play, vacation while gaining insight and knowledge. a visit to the zoo is one of the recommendations to you and the family to spend time off, in addition to having fun with your family, you and your family can also get more insight about animals and animals in the world. The following are some of the best zoos in the worldcolumbus zoo


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, USA

Standing on an area of ​​234 hectares located in the area of ​​Powell, Ohio. Zoo this one being the home as well as home to 793 animal species with a total of up to 9 thousand animals, so that no one if the zoo this one in the top 10 attractions of the best zoos in the world.

Zoo in 2012 and was crowned as the best zoo in the United States according to the survey and the version of the reader, with the total number of visitors reached 2 million people each year make this zoo is very well known, not only that the visitors or tourists who come to this place will also be offered a golf course with facilities Safari Gold Club complete with swimming pool Jungle Jack’s Landing.

Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo is one of the zoos in the United States oldest and included in the ranks of the best zoos there, with a number of species up to 4 thousand animals with a total of 650 different animal species that exist and spread in all parts of the world have made the zoo this one of the best.

Bronx Zoo

Smithsonian National Zoological Park, USA

As the name suggests this zoo are housed the National Zoo in Washington DC, USA. The zoo has more than two thousand animals of 400 species contained therein. There are unique when you visit the zoo, if you visit you will be offered a tour of “Snore and Roar” that the visitors will be taken around the zoo at night and will stay in it.

Advantages of this zoo that you will not find at the zoo the other is the manager will not be allowed to charge for visitors who come to enter into, the zoo is open every day and just going off on holiday this Christmas might be be fabulous tour destination for your family if you want to try it.

San Diego Zoo, USA

San Diego zoo, including the zoo was very active in terms of conservation and preservation of animals that are endangered. By way of propagating the species is up to adults and will release it back into the wild, where it originated animal habitats.

The zoo is located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California has had 3,700 animals in which there are 650 species and subspecies of protected animals are handled directly by the Association of zoos in the world.

Whipsnade Zoo, England

Before the name of this zoo became Whipsnade Zoo was once the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park was later renamed as of now, the zoo built on 242 hectares of land are included in one of the zoo which has a program of conservation and care for the animals as well as animals that has endangered and displaced by the act of human hands.

Because of that zoo this one is also considered a vacation home for the animals in the world. Whipsnade Zoo

Australia Zoo, Australia

The zoo was built by a crocodile hunter Steve Irwin is famous in Australia and as a carrier of one TV show called ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. The zoo is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia are included zoo that was built with the concept and feel of the wild.

In the zoo’s Australia Zoo visitors will feel the sensation of wild outstanding with meet koalas, lions, and nearly 1,000 more animals therein. Visitors also will see how the mahout crocodile feeding the crocodiles live in this zoo, it is very interesting not.

Toronto Zoo, Canada

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and includes the largest zoo in the world premises amount of 5 thousand more animals and there are about 450 species.

The zoo has seven separate and distinct regions, where each region inhabited by a variety of different animal species across the region with other regions where these species symbolize each animal species habitats scattered from different parts of the world. Toronto Zoo

Zoo Basel, Switzerland

Basel Zoo in 2008 by Forbes magazine touted as one of the 15 list of the best zoos in the world has ever seen, and one year later at the 2009 Basel Zoo was named the best zoos 7th in Europe. Each year the zoo is able to attract up to one million visitors, with many kinds of animals in it like flamingos, cheetahs, rhinos, hippos up.

In its management was excellent, the zoo has successfully bred many animals in the world are threatened with extinction, while other zoos very difficulty in doing so.
Similarly, some of the recommendations of the best zoos in the world. zoo can be a means to fill your holiday and your family, especially by making the zoo as a means of learning your children get to know animals which exist in the world of course with a vacation with the family as well.

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