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The famous tourist spots in the Vatican – who does not know the Vatican? a country located in the city center. This country is one of the smallest countries in the world. This country is a country with a strong Catholic culture of his, this country can be a place of spiritual tourist destination. besides thick with its Catholic culture, the country is also unique and very vintage, many famous places you can visit during your vacation in Vatican. The following is a famous place in Vatican: 

vatican city
St. Peter’s Basilica
St. Peter’s Basilica was built in the era of the first Christian emperor government is Konstatin I. initially building the basilica of St. Peter is the place where St. Peter was martyred, but approximately 1300 years later the building started to collapse. Pope Nicholas V ordered that the building was overhauled and made into a new basilica with a more modern design. But Santo Petrus basilica’s construction started in 1506 at which time it is the leadership of Pope Julius II.
Vatican Museum
The Vatican Museum is located in Vatican City, which since 1929 officially became a sovereign state. The Vatican itself can be called as one of the five regions in Rome who could maintain the heritage of the world’s oldest centers of civilization. The highlight of the Vatican Museums is the Sistine Chapel that was inaugurated in 1482. The chapel was built during the reign of Pope Sixtus IV in the fifteenth century, Baccio Pontelli.
Vatican Gardens
The park complex covers about 23 hectares, is the largest area on Vatican Hill. Its highest point is 60 meters above sea level. Stone wall around this area in the north, south and west.
These gardens were made during the Renaissance and Baroque and decorated with fountains and statues. There are several sources of underground water, which until 2009 were not used. There are also different types of plants, and this area is considered as a biotopi. vatican garden
Raphael rooms
Fourth Stanze di Raffaello ( “Raphael Rooms”) located in the Apostolic Palace to form places for reception spaces, public areas of the papal apartments. These rooms will freskonya famous, painted by Raphael and his assistants. Together with ceiling frescoes in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, the paintings are magnificent fresco sequences that mark the era of High Renaissance in Rome.
Stanze, as they are referred to, originally intended as an area of ​​apartments for Pope Julius II. He commissioned Raphael Sanzio, who was then a young artist from Urbino, and his studio in 1508 or 1509 to redecorate the interior of the rooms as a whole. raphael rooms
The Last Judgement
It took four years of craftsmanship relentlessly by a master of the art such as Michelangelo to complete “The Last Judgment.” This fresco shows hundreds of human figures in an irregular position. This painting depicts the final judgment or doomsday. Most expression figure in the painting looks scared, there is an aura of the figure shows that there are in anxiety, in the final judgment day.
Apostolic palace
Apostolic Palace is the official residence of the Pope in Vatican City.
The palace is a complex of buildings consisting of the Papal Apartment, government offices Catholic Church, several chapels, the Vatican Museums and Vatican Library. In the entire complex there are 1,000 rooms, among which the most famous is the roof of the Sistine Chapel with frescoes painted by Michelangelo (restored during the years 1980-1990) and Raphael Rooms. Apostolic palace
That’s some reference point Vatican city landmarks. many things that will make you curious about the Vatican country’s “state within a state”. make your trip full of new knowledge. so, visit to the Vatican and try to visit some famous places in the Vatican.

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