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Colorado River, Water In the Desert – The desert is no place to be without water – one of man’s basic needs for survival. We think of deserts as areas of extreme heat and dryness. Deserts characteristically receive less than 10 inches of rainfall annually. In some deserts, the amount of evaporation is greater than the amount of rainfall. Typically, desert moisture occurs in brief intervals and is unpredictable from year to year. colorado river

The Colorado River starts off as melted snow in the Colorado rocky mountains. It covers an estimated amount 250,000 square miles across seven states. There are a lot of indigenous tribes around the Colorado River.
20% of the Colorado’s river dissolves from resevoirs behind dams each year.
Many wildlife surrounding the river are either extinct or endangered.
The river frequently shortly evaporates into Mexico.


The Colorado River passes through seven states Colorado, Utah,Wyoming,Nevada, Arizona,New Mexico,& California.
The Colorado river is one of the largest and most important rivers in the United States. More than 25 million people rely on Colorado river. About 73,000 miles of the Colarados waterways is open to pollution.


“The Colorado River is managed and operated under numerous compacts, federal laws, court decisions and decrees, contracts, and regulatory guidelines collectively known as the ‘Law of the River.’ This collection of documents apportions the water and regulates the use and management of the Colorado River among the seven basin states and Mexico.” – U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on The Law of the River

The Colorado River Compact of 1922 is the cornerstone of the Law of the River. It was negotiated by the seven Colorado River Basin states and the federal government. However, it put the river on an unsustainable course. “Based on flows from a wetter time, the 1922 Colorado River Compact divvied out one-fifth more river water than what exists today.”


Air pollution has shifted into the Grand Canyon from metropolitan areas and close coal fired power plants.
Water in some of the Colorado streams have been tainted with fecal coliform from trespass cattle and human waiste.

As a result of all this pollution today there have been many laws passed along with programs to protect the river. The point of these programs is to restore natural wonders for future generations.
The pollution as a result of negligence is horrible because an estimation of about forty million people depend on the Colorado River for drinking water.

Thus review of the colorado river, might be a reference destination for those who want to find sites that blend with nature and also unique.

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