Review Helsinki: A Visually Stunning and Culturally Stimulating Destination

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While not as popular as its Scandinavian counterparts, Helsinki has proven to withstand the test of time better than most European capitals, with its art-nouveau architecture and history nurturing at every glance. So why would someone go all the way to Finland to visit such a remote city when there are others, much closer and more popular? Helsinki destination

Helsinki – one of the world’s most eco-friendly cities
For starters, you’ll be happy to hear that Helsinki is one of the greenest cities in the world, with cars and bikes being used less and less each year and instead, promoting public transport that provides an eco-friendly environment. Already 50% of the city has gone green and the number keeps rising with each day, due to the nature of its culture. Finland is a country in which people care about their environment and history as their most precious treasure in the world. The fact that the large majority of its buildings and architecture is the same now as it was 80 years ago tells us about the way these people treat their national treasure, with outmost care and respect.

Even the cuisine is going green and healthy, with restaurants and bars opting for more vegan and diet meals instead of the usual friend and greasy that most of us are used to in the 21st century. Each bite and every taste is carefully planned and given attention, because even if the city is green, the residents and tourists need to consume healthy sustenance as well.

A city of sheer natural beauty and open-minded people
One of the reasons that young and open-minded people looking for an inspiration might consider Helsinki is its art scene: it’s the powerhouse of modern and classic design. Whatever style you are looking for, Helsinki is surely ready to provide; from centerpiece showrooms with classical Finish and European artists’ works being preserved and guarded with outmost care, to hipster and experimental arts ready to be born, Helsinki houses all of them.

One such example of historic powerhouse is the Ateneum which is Finland’s most important art gallery and houses Finish and European works from the 19th century and onwards; sculptural, painted or otherwise. The building itself was founded in 1887 which goes to show how much the Finish culture is at play when maintaining their historic treasures while giving them a modern touch. The base level of the Ateneum serves multiple purposes, from a coffee shop and a book-store, to a gift shop and a start to what you might consider the centerpiece of Finish art and history.

Come meet the people
While quirky in their nature of loving everything avant-garde and despising all that is popular and considered modern fast-food, the Finish are a kind and welcoming community that will surely put a smile on your face. Their hospitality and way of thinking knows no bounds, given that they’ve committed to turning their state, starting with their capital of Helsinki to a green and eco-friendly environment that nurtures nature and history. While you may be put off by some of the quirkiness and ways of thinking, approach the idea of visiting Helsinki with an open mind; a little quirk is sometimes exactly what we need in the modern society that we live in, where everything is consumed fast and given no second thought; you might just like what you see there. helsinki finland

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