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Beaches in America is more popular in 2016, traveling to another country that has not previously been to visit is a pride and become something that will not be forgotten. Go to the American nation for some people may be used, but for those who like traveling and this is the first experience to be pleasant and encouraging. certainly before leaving we have prepared everything from the start of mailing documents that need such as passports, visas, the country’s currency, stock during the trip, the list of destinations that we visit during in America. substantially all of the accommodations are in need when traveling is ready and planned to be during the trip and when we were in the uncle sam country was no trouble. Coronado Beach California

If we love the outdoors or the beach vacation we could make a list of any beach should we visit during a holiday in the United States, here are some beach recommendations that must visit while on vacation in America. Because some of the beaches below is enjoy doing tourists in 2016.

Coronado Beach, California
Coronado has waves that are great for surfing or just to enjoy the beach by foot. Mineral mica effect silver sheen on the sand at the beach. Coronado beach so kept clean no rubbish strewn so if we take a walk along the coast will feel comfortable and can enjoy the beautiful scenery and clean beaches. Many tourists who take advantage of the beauty of this beach and enjoy the waves for surfing because the waves here are very nice.

Main Beach, New York
The main beach is located in East Hampton, New York, this presents the perfect scenery. The combination between nature and the built environment around. Main Beach is the beach with the conservation of protected and rare. It took over 300 years to create a similar conservation. Not surprisingly, this beach frequented by celebrities because this beach has a remarkable beauty. Quartz sand beach with a proud, towering sand dunes and crystal clear blue water and surrounded by picturesque villages. Main Beach New York

Kahanomoku Beach, Hawaii
This beach is located in Oahu, Hawaii. Kahanomuku name is actually taken from the name of the swimmer that Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. Kahanamoku finally immortalized as the name of the beach since he won the gold medal. Also thanks to his services to introduce the sport of surfing to the world. Kahanomoku beach is a great place to spend time swimming with family and children because the water is calm and feels comfortable for children who are still learning to play on the beach.

St. George Island State Park, Florida
Although the Florida Panhandle coast not far from the coast was polluted by oil spills, most of the coastal areas of St. George Island State Park, Florida remains protected. The island with white sand has clear water attract researchers birds and fishermen to come. But beach goers should be careful when inserting the foot into the water, because it was feared would be stepping on stingrays swimming at the beach.

Hamoa Beach, Hawaii
The beach was dubbed the best beaches in the world by Ernest Hemingway version. The shape that resembles a crescent moon makes this a popular beach in Hawaii. To get to Hamoa Beach, we have to take the road to get there which is a dangerous road with road access decreased by more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) and sporadic fence. For those who like adventure go to Hamoa Beach is a good choice. Hamoa Beach Hawaii

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts
Access to this beach to ride a bicycle or use a shuttle bus. Turkish Coast Guard was formed when sand ejected and attached to the ice cliffs. The Coast Guard was formerly the station, but now the environmental education center located on a cliff top. This allows us to be able to enjoy the spectacular view from up there.

Cape Florida State Park, Florida
The lighthouse is located on the shoreline allows visitors to see the beauty of this beach as a whole. Divided by the shallow waves make the beach with white coral and sandy beach is excellent for swimming and sunbathing while reading a novel or book our favorite.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
This beach offers the best surfing spots along the east coast. Cape Hatteras lighthouse there are also the most famous in the United States. In certain areas of the beach is open for off road vehicles, this beach is often crowded with surfers and anglers. But the beach is not too good for visitors who want to bask in the sand or just walking in the sand and birds fly freely.

Beachwalker Park, South Carolina
Beachwalker Park is one of the beaches that attract nature lovers, researchers birds, sailors, and cycling enthusiasts. To reach this beach they had to cover a distance of 16 kilometers. Beachwalker Park South Carolina

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Hawaii
Although not as beautiful as other beaches, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park is a safe beach. Because the lifeguard who are on hand to secure the visitors from large waves and dangerous currents.

Miami Beach Florida
Tourist attractions in the United States is one of the coolest cities in the US, Miami is also famous for having a sunny beach, the Latin culture and nightlife that is very charming. Located in the southeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida, Miami is also a major port city that manages the world’s largest number of cruise ship passengers. Across the bay from Miami in a Miami Beach barrier island, there is also a tourist spot known for its Art Deco architecture and glamorous South Beach. Miami Beach Florida

In America there are many beautiful beaches and obliged us to visit while there, it is very regrettable that we did not come up to the beach that I mentioned above, because each beaches has its own characteristics and story. Enjoy traveling to beach destinations in the United States was more tourists popular in 2016.

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