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Hot lighting design for living room, have a nice living room looks appropriate and no additional ornaments and lights that fit a pride, because the living room is a room early to interact with people or guests who want to visit our home. The living room is a room that is almost always present in every home. A living room is good and comfortable not only seen from the design of the living room or furniture-furniture that was there. A comfortable living room also has good lighting and enough, not too bright to blinding or too dark. To that end, in addition to create a window in your living room for air circulation and lighting, putting a lamp in the living room will also be a mandatory thing to do to earn a comfortable living room. lighting design ideas

The lights are elements that can not be separated from the beauty of minimalist home. Although the profit actually used light source of illumination when the nights draw in, but there is no denying that if the lights are one of the contributors to the beauty of the appearance of the house. Various lights of various shapes can be found in almost all buildings and public places, ranging from ordinary light up decorative lights. Nowadays, there are many models of lamps, whether chandelier or decorative lamps with a variety of models, designs and beautiful colors. The use of living room lights will have a major role in shaping the model of your living room. Besides being able to make your living room more beautiful, light generated from the lamp can also give a dramatic effect on your living room.

With so many models of lighting design for the living room, you may be very confused when it comes to choosing which lamp is approximately suitable for your living room. Design living room lights Hot 2016 will be discussed in detail here, therefore there is need to understand what is the purpose of the living room lights, and models such as what is suitable for our living room. In 2016 a minimalist chandelier lamp model is the most popular today. In addition to its unique model, the chandelier can add to the aesthetic value of a room. The beauty of the room will be radiated and stimulating jets of colorful soft from minimalist chandelier. Besides the existence of the chandelier is not fixated on one position only, but can be installed in different parts of the room, such as living room, dining room, bedroom, family room, office and so on.

Minimalist hanging lamp not only exist in a minimalist home alone, simple houses, luxury homes, businesses, malls and average hotel not forget minimalist chandelier to exhibit a characteristic building. What distinguishes usually is in terms of quality of materials, the type of light and size. The house is quite simple is not the same type and model of lights hung at home or luxury buildings. But all that will not eliminate the beautiful impression of the room itself, because if the owner of the smart arrange, items a scar will look antique and unique by hand polished.

In choosing decorative lights hanging crystal you must consider a few things in between is the selection of crystals that has a good quality is the type of Swarovski crystals are only produced by the country of kangaroos is more transparent so that light in showd more brighter, but it is advisable to choose decorative lights hanging in noted well as price and brand, as well as whether there is a warranty or not, so if there is a fault then we could ask for a warranty.
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Tips for Choosing Model Design Lamps For Living Room:

Here I will share tips on choosing a lamp trend design for your living room.
Adjust the model of decorative lights themed living room
First, adjust the lighting design models with the theme of living space in your home. If your living room is a minimalist living room, choose lights that has a simple design and natural, because this model would be perfect for your living room.

Light effects
Before buying a lamp, first noticed the effects of the light produced. What is in conformity with the theme of your living room? There are lights that have soft lighting effects, some are hard. Anyone has a small spotlight, some have large headlights. Remember, each effect will create a different impression of your living room.

Adjust the size of the lamp to the size of your living space and the size of the other furniture. So that the resulting blend will look more attractive and fit.

Selection of light color refers to two things: first, the overall light color, and the second, the color of light that will be generated. Sometimes there are also models of lamps that have different colors between color models and color light. Choose colors that match the theme of your living room or your living room.

Hopefully, after reading the article Hot lighting design for living room 2016 be your inspiration for ideas that are not confused to choose the model lamp suitable for the living room.

design room

design room

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